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American signal crayfish ‘dumped’ in Cumbrian river

An invasive species of crayfish found dumped in a Cumbrian river is a “major concern” for the native species, the Environment Agency has said. Remains of 11 American signal crayfish have been discovered near Tebay. The species carries crayfish plague, a “devastating” fungal disease that has “significantly threatened” the native population in the south, the EA said. Read the full

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Native British crayfish facing extinction

Native British crayfish facing extinction following mysterious outbreak of plague The UK’s endangered native crayfish species could be completely wiped out after a deadly plague was identified in one of its few strongholds. Around 40 per cent of Britain’s remaining 20,000-strong white-clawed crayfish population is expected to die within a year after the government confirmed the existence of crayfish plague

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